Crash Involving Suffolk, VA Public Utilities Truck Injures 3

Three people went to hospitals with injuries after a minivan, commercial box truck and Suffolk public utilities vehicle crashed on the afternoon of December 16, 2016. The wreck happened at the intersection of Route 460/Pruden Boulevard and Kings Fork Road.



The driver and passenger in the minivan suffered the most severe injuries, but the driver of the city work truck also required emergency medical care. The two people in the box truck walked away uninjured.

News reports did not include details on why the crash occurred, and police did not name an at-fault driver. Reconstructing the accident and assigning responsibility will help the innocent victims file and collect on insurance claims for doctor bills, wages lost while out of work recovering and other damages.

The fact that a Suffolk public utilities truck was involved could complicate things, however. Claims against city agents who negligently operate a vehicle are handled by assistant city attorneys, and they must receive notification of intent to seek compensation in a timeframe much shorter than the statute of limitations that applies to most insurance claims related to a traffic accident. Also, some cities have third-party insurance and some are self-insured for certain parts of these types of claims, so it definitely is important to consult with an experienced Virginia personal injury attorney to learn how best to proceed.

Different challenges would arise if the commercial truck driver or the person behind the wheel of the minivan acted negligently or recklessly in causing the crash. For instance, multiple policies issued by different insurance companies for different purposes cover most commercial trucks and truck drivers. Further, a private citizen who injures a government employee can be denied coverage by their insurer, leaving the injured victim without a standard option for seeking compensation.

Consulting with a knowledgeable Virginia personal injury lawyer will help all the people hurt in this Suffolk wreck regardless of who was at fault.


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