Crash Leaves Portsmouth, VA Pedestrian With Serious Injuries

A driver may face charges for hitting and seriously injuring a pedestrian at the intersection of Oak Street and Portsmouth Boulevard in Portsmouth, Virginia (VA). The crash occurred around noon on October 24, 2015.



Neither the nature of the injuries nor the type of possible traffic violation were reported. Whenever a person on foot is struck by a car, however, head trauma and traumatic brain injuries commonly occur. Broken bones and injuries to internal organ are also frequent. While the victim of this pedestrian accident in Portsmouth survived, he likely faces a long and difficult recovery and may remain somewhat disabled for the rest of his life.

Common causes of wrecks involving pedestrians are also well-known. Drivers fail to yield right of way to people crossing the street at corners and in crosswalks. They speed through residential neighborhoods, school zones and shopping areas. Drivers who allow themselves to become distracted behind the wheel hit many pedestrians, as do drivers who operate while impaired by drugs and alcohol.

While none of these scenarios can be confirmed until police complete their investigation in to the wreck on Portsmouth Boulevard, each accident involving a pedestrian should serve as a reminder to every driver to watch for people on foot and remain alert at all times. Only taking those responsible actions will reduce the likelihood of hitting someone who crosses a street.


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