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Crash on Route 29 in Campbell Co., VA Injures 3

A three-vehicle crash in Campbell County, Virginia (VA), on the afternoon of March 26, 2017, sent all three drivers to the hospital with injuries. The collision on Route 29/Wards Road happened at the crossover for vehicles entering the southbound lanes of the highway from westbound English Tavern Road.



Police say a woman making the left-hand turn across Route 29 caused the wreck by failing to yield right of way.  One car going north in the left lane of the northbound side of the four-lane divided highway hit the back end of the turning driver's vehicle as she entered the median. Another car then hit the at-fault driver's vehicle.

A stop sign faces drivers looking to exit English Tavern Road at that intersection. According to Virginia law, this gives drivers the legal duty to wait until no cars, trucks, motorcycles, pedestrians or bicycle riders are approaching closely enough or fast enough to create a crash risk. Failing to do so can be considered negligent or reckless behavior and make the driver who left the stop sign too early responsible for settling insurance claims for personal injuries and property damage.

Drivers can fail to yield right of way at intersections for many reasons. Often, they simply misjudge how far away other vehicles are or how fast traffic is going. Such errors can have terrible consequences, however. While the crash on Route 29 in Campbell County left three people injured, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration determined that in 2014, 3.094 fatal collisions on U.S. roads, 6.9 percent of the total, were caused by drivers who failed to yield.

Consulting with a Virginia personal injury lawyer who has helped other victims of failure to yield crashes will help the two people hurt by the turning driver's actions collect, organize and present the evidence they need to have their medical bills and other damages covered.


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