Crashes over Thanksgiving Holiday Killed Five in Central North Carolina | Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp

The Central North Carolina traffic investigators had their hands full on Thanksgiving Day after three separate vehicular accidents were reported within 12 hours across the northern part of the state.  The first was at the intersection of Highway 157 and Highway 57 IN Orange County, NC.  Two women were traveling in a jeep which failed to yield for a small pickup truck.  They were hit broadside which caused the jeep to flip over, pinning in both women.  Sadly, both died at the scene while the driver of the pickup was taken to the hospital.

In Nash County, NC, ten people were involved in a collision at Graham Brantley and Broken Roads.  Apparently, a woman driving a Toyota 4Runner was attempting a left turn and an oncoming car hit the vehicle head-on.  The passengers from both cars were immediately taken to the hospital where they were all listed to be in good condition. 

In Franklinton, NC, a tragic wreck along NC highway 96 killed a mother and her two children.  Troopers said Melissa Jo Bullock Godfrey, 26 was driving west on Bruce Garner Road when her car swerved off the road.  She apparently over-corrected and her car flipped into a tree.

Were these three accidents avoidable?   We may never know with certainty but In many cases collisions and wrecks such as these are attributed to driver error. A recent study on traffic accidents released by AAA shows that 56% of fatal crashes are due to aggressive driving behavior such as speeding, failing to yield, reckless, careless or erratic driving, failure to obey traffic signals and making improper turns.  It is terrible whenever a tragic death occurs on the highways, and is magnified when such a death occurs over the Thanksgiving holiday when families are together to seek to enjoy life and give thanks.