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Creedmoor, NC Child Injured When Car Hits House

A child suffered injuries requiring hospital treatment when a car crashed through the lower level of his house on the morning of March 31, 2015. The wreck occurred on Westbourne Drive in the town of Creedmoor, northeast of Durham, North Carolina (NC).



Police could not immediately determine why the driver, who also sustained injuries, lost control of his vehicle and ran off the road. Common explanations for these kinds of fixed-object collisions -- the legal term of art for crashing into a building, tree or guardrail -- include suffering a medical emergency, falling asleep at the wheel and being drunk or stoned. Swerving to avoid crashing into something else and experiencing mechanical failure are other possibilities.

As this is being written, the man behind the wheel of the car that plowed through the home and hurt the child has not been charged with anything. Even if no criminal case develops, however, the person who caused the wreck can still remain liable for settling insurance claims and making compensation for wreck-related medical expenses and property damage. In other words, neither "I just blacked out" nor "I was very sick that day" stands as an excuse that absolves a person from blame for the harm he or she does.

People should stay out of the driver's seat when they are excessively tired, weak from an illness or impaired by alcohol or drugs. Likewise, car owners must keep their vehicles in proper repair and drive cautiously to minimize risks for all types of collisions.


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