A young boy’s guardian and father are suing several medical centers and several doctors after the boy suffered a traumatic head injury due to the abuse of his mother’s boyfriend. The North Carolina medical malpractice lawsuit puts forth that the hospitals and health professionals did not recognize obvious signs of child abuse during earlier visits to the doctor with serious injuries.

Ajanu Gaines Junior was brought into the hospital by his mother on April 15 2003, having suffered a wrist injury. Although there were several discrepancies in the story the 6-year-old told about how the injury took place, and although a chest x-ray revealed an old rib fracture, neither the doctor or the hospital reported the suspicious injuries or the possibility of child abuse. The NC medical malpractice lawyer on the case believes that the doctors and hospitals who did not report the abuse breeched the standard of care.

In July, Gaines returned to the emergency room, this time with a traumatic brain injury that This time, another doctor discovered a huge number of old injuries, including three old broken ribs, scars, and other obvious signs of child abuse. Gaines is now a quadriplegic with permanent brain damage who needs around-the-clock medical care.

The NC medical malpractice lawsuit names Cumberland County Hospital System, Inc., also known as Cape Fear Valley Health System or Cape Fear Valley Medical Center, Cape Fear Orthopaedic Clinic, Dr. Karen V. Jones Dr. Thomas R. Tetzlaff, and Johnny Kegler, Carolina Regional Radiology, and Dr. Beverly A. Davis as defendants.