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Dalai Lama’s nephew killed in traffic accident in West Palm Beach

The sun set on a sad evening this Valentine’s Day on the Florida (FL) coast, when the  Dalai Lama’s nephew was killed in West Palm Beach by a car accident says Florida Highway Patrol, during one of his long treks to bring awareness to the Tibetan struggle for independence from China.

Jigme K. Norbu was hit after dark Monday on the side of the unlit highway by an SUV.  Police released few other details. Norbu, who lived in Bloomington, Ind., and was active in a Tibetan rights group there, our thoughts go out to his family.  It is terrible that he was killed while trying to raise awareness for others. Tragically, Norbu was dead when emergency services arrived at the scene, about 25 miles south of St. Augustine on State Highway A1A, the report said.  The driver has not been charged. It is terribly ironic that he was killed on this short walk as he has done similar walks several other times, including one of 900 miles in 2009 from Indiana to New York. Whenever a car crash occurs that involves a pedestrian, the personal injuries that result are usually severe or fatal. Personal injury claims and wrongful death claims are frequently made in accidents between automobiles and pedestrians, and our injury attorneys have handled many such cases in Virginia Beach, Norfolk, and other Virginia and North Carolina cities, each situation having its own special facts.

In a normal automobile accident involving a pedestrian, the law requires that a pedestrian either crossing a road or walking on one, yield the right of way to cars that may be traveling on the road. This is because cars on most normal stretches of highway/roads have the right of way unless there is a stop sign or yield sign controlling their area of travel. I hope authorities in Palm Coast consider adding lights to that stretch of highway.   

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