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Dangerous Drugs Can Range From Dietary Supplements to Prescription Medicine

What you don’t know can hurt you.  A new study shows that dietary supplements containing potentially dangerous prescription drug ingredients may still be for sale even years after safety recalls.  Many people aren’t aware that dietary supplements don't need FDA approval before they are marketed. Still, their labels must list all ingredients and manufacturers are not allowed to sell products that are "adulterated or misbranded."

As Virginia (VA) personal injury attorneys we are fed up with manufacturers that put profits ahead of consumer health.  Another problem may lie with lax oversight by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.  Whatever the reason that these drugs are still available to the general public our job is to help victims of dangerous drugs recover.

Dangerous drugs aren’t just found in dietary supplements they can even be prescribed by your own doctor.  One such drug is Fentanyl (also known as Duragesic).  Overdoses have been directly tied to the drug over the past several years. In particular, several drug manufacturers of time-release fentanyl patches have already been sued over allegations of defective product claims as well as other claims. One of several claims is that a malfunction of the patch caused an overdose of fentanyl to leak and to be absorbed by patients, resulting in life-threatening side effects and even death.

Another dangerous drug to be aware of that the FDA recently approved is a new "transmucosal patch" called Onsolis. It is eerily similar to the deadly Fentanyl pain patch, which has caused the deaths of at least 1,000 people, according to the CDC.  With the past deaths and overdoses that this pain medication and delivery method have caused there is reason to believe that the same with occur with Onsolis.  This means that thousands more people could be seriously injured or even die after using these shoddy pain patches. 

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