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VA Dangerous Drug Attorneys: Supplements Lead to Product Label Legislation on Capitol Hill

Dangerous supplement and drug attorneysA host of dangerous dietary supplements and herbal medications have led U.S. lawmakers to propose new labeling requirements. The legislation, called the Dietary Supplement Labeling Act, aims to address the problem of potentially-injurious additives found in many vitamins and herbal treatments. 

There have been many reports in recent years of consumers having adverse reactions to vitamins that have been infused with undisclosed ingredients. For instance, some supplements are combined with a high doses of caffeine or weight-loss compounds which are not disclosed on the product’s labels. Those who use these medicines without knowledge of their contents are at risk for a number of debilitating symptoms and side effects; the Food and Drug Administration is currently unable to mandate strict labeling requirements of all ingredients in dietary supplements.

The legislation comes after a recent incident involving vitamins tainted with two steroids from Purity First Health Products, Inc., in New York State. Nearly thirty people have so far been stricken by the illegal vitamins, with at least one hospitalization. Federal authorities have called for a recall of many of Purity First Health’s products; the FDA reports that over half of its recalls are of dietary supplements. 

Consumers should be aware of what is contained in the vitamins and medicines they are taking; undisclosed ingredients can pose serious health risks, particularly if consumers have allergic reactions to the substances or if they interact negatively with other medicines. If you’ve been sickened or injured by such a product, you have a right to be compensated for your suffering. You should consider speaking to a personal injury attorney; our injury lawyers have years of experience handling cases concerning dangerous drugs and consumer products. We have seen first-hand the damage a tainted product can cause, and we know how to argue for you to secure the legal redress you deserve.

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