As I sat down to write this article about an apparent reckless driving accident along I-64 in Norfolk, Virginia (VA), on April 17, 2011, that caused the car’s driver and three passengers to lose their lives, I learned of a fatal head-on crash in Chesapeake near the intersection of Providence Road and S. Military Highway. One person died in that wreck. Three other people ended up in the hospital with injuries. Eyewitness reports from the Norfolk accident indicate the car was speeding at 100 mph before going out of control and running into a ditch.

I was also reminded that those two fatal car accidents, sadly, bookended another deadly head-on collision on Warwick Boulevard in Newport News, VA, on April 19. According to police reports cited by WAVY-TV 10, “the driver of a green Acura attempted to pass a vehicle that was ahead of it in the northbound lane by pulling into the southbound lane. Police said the Acura struck a silver Honda Accord.”


The at-fault driver died, and the other driver suffered serious injuries. Speeding and an unsafe lane change that had the Acura traveling the wrong way on a two-lane stretch of road factored into the accident.

Each of the auto accidents over the past week represents a tragedy for friends and family members of the killed and injured victims. My deepest condolences go out to them.

The wrecks also serve as stark reminders that reckless driving, speeding and failing to maintain one’s lane too often result in loss of life and life-altering injuries. Drivers who do not follow speed limits, lane markings and other traffic laws put themselves and everyone else on the road at risk.