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Deadly Scooter Accident in Virginia Beach, Virginia (VA)

What Happened

Virginia Beach police arrived to the scene of an accident to find a collision between two cars and a moped near Oceana on March 19, 2013. According to an officer the wreck occurred in the 1300 block of London Bridge Road near Ships Corner Road.  Police are still not sure how the moped became involved in the accident but were able to determine that one of the cars had run a red light and caused the collision with the other car. The rider of the moped was pronounced dead on the scene, but police have not been able to identify the woman.

This news video covers the tragic moped accident.


The Virginia Personal Injury Lawyers’ Perspective

This is a very unfortunate accident and our thoughts go out to the loved ones of the woman killed. This accident illustrates the many dangers of driving a moped on public roads. Moped accidents are very dangerous often leaving victim riders severely injured or worse dead. The loss of a family member causes great pain, as well as unimaginable loss. Often the abruptness of the loss and confusion leaves the family feeling powerless, and leaves many questions unanswered. By contacting a Virginia (VA) wrongful death lawyer much of the confusion can be left behind. An experienced Virginia (VA) wrongful death lawyer will be able to act as a liaison and help guide you through the pain and confusion to help you understand your legal rights. Hiring a lawyer quickly may seem unimportant in the face of such a severe loss, but it is a critical decision that may dramatically affect the lives of the surviving spouse and family members. Critical evidence is often destroyed in the days and weeks following a fatal accident, this can make proving the fact of a wrongful death much more complicated. If you or a loved one has been hurt or killed while riding a moped we urge you to speak with our experienced Virginia (VA) personal injury or wrongful death attorneys for a confidential analysis of your legal rights. 

Potentially Helpful Info:

A previous client we represented was a passenger on a moped that was struck by a distracted driver. After being knocked off their moped our client was then ran over by the same vehicle. She was airlifted to a local hospital but would not survive her injuries and died the next day. Through our expertise in dealing with insurance companies our firm was able to settle this difficult case with the insurance company prior to filing a lawsuit.

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