VA Medical Malpractice Lawyers: Deaths and Serious Illnesses Linked to Compounding Facilities

The best VA medical malpractice lawyers, pharmacy errorsSeveral pharmacies have come under scrutiny for their lack of cleanliness, shoddy procedures, and disregard for safety in manufacturing drugs for consumption by the general public. While New England Compounding Center, the Massachusetts pharmacy responsible for a major meningitis outbreak in 2012, brought much-needed attention to the pitfalls of pharmacies. The meningitis outbreak led to multiple lives lost and at least 39 illnesses, according to the Washington Post.

An investigation by the Post revealed that these compounding facilities have been able to take advantage of loopholes that effectively keep the Food & Drug Administration, and other regulating agencies, out of the pharmaceutical facilities.  The conduct of the people who operate these compounding facilities is outrageous. Millions of people rely on these facilities to carefully and correctly develop medications that they need to battle illnesses. When these facilities breach that duty, serious illness and death are a result, as we saw with the meningitis outbreak.

Our VA medical malpractice law firm has published multiple blogs and articles on the tragic meningitis outbreak. Take a moment to read through these materials to learn more about the legal rights victims and their families may have.


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