What Happened:

It turns out that Johnson & Johnson, the manufacturer of the infamous DePuy hip replacement device, knew just how problematic and defective the product was before marketing it to the public. The documents revealed that the Articular Surface Replacement (ASR) hip replacement device failed when internal tests were conducted way back in 2007. The recall of the DePuy device wasn’t initiated until 2010. The major flaw of the ASR is that it had a propensity to shed large amounts of metallic debris after being implanted in a patient.

Internal documents were revealed in a case filed against Johnson & Johnson which showed complaints from doctors about the ASR even as the company started marketing the device in the United States in 2005.

Even as company executives learned that surgeons stopped using the ASR device who worked as consultants for the company, they opts to continue selling the ASR to the public. The documents indicate that DePuy executives discussed ways to try and fix the defects but never actually did so.

If the company’s lack of concern wasn’t bad enough, internal documents indicate that DePuy executives insisted that the hip implant device was “working well”, despite years of complaints from doctors that it was failing early, according to the New York Times.

The Virginia Injury Lawyer’s Perspective:

The internal documents described above indicate a complete disregard by Johnson & Johnson for the safety of patients who used the DePuy hip implant device. Company executives appeared to be more concerned about trying to turn a profit off this flawed device as opposed to manufacturing a quality hip replacement device. Remember, the company knew that the device was failing prematurely in 2007, but spent three more years marketing the device to the public. It’s shocking and deplorable behavior.

Potentially Helpful Info:

Our firm published an in-depth legal guide on the rights available to victims who’ve suffered injuries as a result of the DePuy ASR hip replacement device. Download the guide for free here.