Attorney Emily Mapp Brannon represented a client who was involved in a rear end car wreck in Virginia Beach, Virginia (VA). The at-fault driver reportedly suffered a hypoglycemic event, passed out, and slammed into her client’s car. The result to her client was a serious shoulder injury that still hasn’t fully healed.

On the surface, it appeared as though this was just a random accident; an unfortunate twist of fate caused by someone afflicted with diabetes. The at-fault driver’s insurance company treated the case as such and was not willing to properly compensate the victim.

Not so fast.

Mrs. Brannon subpoenaed the at-fault driver’s medical records and DMV report. It turns out the at-fault driver had a history of car wrecks caused by his medical condition and he was well aware that he could suffer a hypoglycemic event while driving.

Upon learning of this evidence, the insurance company was suddenly eager to settle. An agreement was reached for a $215,000 settlement. This will help Mrs. Brannon’s client with medical expenses, rehabilitation, and the pain and suffering associated with a seriously injured shoulder.