A Richmond-area man suffered serious injuries after getting out of his car to check on damage from an earlier crash. The victim was struck by a passing vehicle on Chippenham Parkway (Route 150) in Chesterfield County, Virginia (VA), at around 6 am on January 13, 2016. 



News reports do not indicate how the initial wreck happened or whether the person who hit and injured the disabled motorist was also involved in the earlier collision. Incidents where at-fault drivers have attempted to flee the scene only to inflict even greater harm are not uncommon.

The crash on Chippenham Parkway near Route 10 highlights the dangers faced by drivers who become pedestrians on highways. Getting out of a vehicle becomes necessary at times, but it makes a person vulnerable to other drivers who fail to slow down and move over when approaching crash scenes, police stops or broken-down vehicles.

My Virginia personal injury law firm colleagues and I want every driver to observe the state’s move over law. Doing so saves lives.