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Disabled Vehicle Violently Struck on I-485

What Happened

Emergency personnel arrived on scene to a violent car accident and found a woman with life-threatening injuries.

The accident took place on Interstate 485 near the interchange to Moores Chapel Road just outside of Charlotte, North Carolina (NC).

Troopers stated the woman’s engine died and her car stopped in the middle lane. She was then hit from behind by a large pickup truck; the collision pulverized the disabled vehicle. The woman was rushed to a local hospital but said to be alert in the ambulance.

The North Carolina Personal Injury Lawyer’s Perspective

It is very fortunate the woman did not die in this accident. It is always dangerous when your car breaks down on the interstate, especially if you cannot manage to get your car to the shoulder of the highway. If the engine dies right on the highway and you can’t get off the road, don’t get out of the car! Sitting in a dead vehicle with traffic piling up behind you may be unnerving, but attempting to cross a high speed freeway on foot is suicide. If you manage to get your car to the shoulder of the road you are much safer but still not out of harm’s way. Vehicles on the shoulder of the highway are struck more frequently than you might expect. If you or a loved one is in a disabled vehicle involved in an accident a good first step is to contact a North Carolina (NC) personal injury lawyer.  A free consultation will allow a good opportunity to learn your legal options and if a personal injury claim is possible.  If it turns out the at-fault driver was negligent in this crash there may be possibility of obtaining damages to compensate for medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

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If you have been injured in a freight train or passenger rail accident, download this free report written by personal injury attorneys based in North Carolina (NC) who specialize in railroad cases to begin learning about your legal rights and options to file claims for compensation.

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