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Distracted Driver Slams Into School Bus, Injuring 5

What Happened:

The driver of a pickup truck apparently was distracted as he drove on Route 220 North in Franklin County, Virginia, and slammed into the rear of a school bus. Three children suffered injuries, and one who was waiting to enter the bus was hit with debris from the smash up. The bus and truck driver also suffered injuries, according to WSET. The condition of the five injured is unknown.

State police stated that the pickup truck could not stop in time as the school bus was stopped to pick up students. The driver appeared to have been distracted. No charges have been filed at this time, but could be in the future.

The Virginia Injury Lawyer’s Perspective:

We sincerely hope that none of the children in this needless accident suffered serious injuries, particularly the unfortunate child who was struck by wreck debris. This crash shows just how important it is that we pay close attention to our driving at all times. Just one moment of inattention can cause terrible things to happen to innocent children.

The parents of the three children, as well as the bus driver, would be strongly advised to speak to a personal injury lawyer in Virginia right away. While the exact details of the case are not yet known, it seems strongly likely that the careless truck driver was distracted and caused a senseless accident. All injured children and the bus driver could be entitled to restitution in this unfortunate case.

Helpful Information:

Our legal firm produced a video about how you could be entitled to compensation if you are the victim of a distracted driving wreck. View it here.


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