snow storm car accident lawyerOn January 21, 2013, a huge accident occurred in southwest Ohio on I-275. A sudden snowstorm made the road slippery and blocked visibility for drivers. As a result, at least 86 cars and trucks crashed into each other, 20 people were taken to hospitals, and one 12-year-old girl lost her life. While it is a miracle that more people were not killed, it is tragic that a family has lost their child. As in all accidents, it has left people asking what should have been done differently to avoid this sad loss of a young life.

The young girl was standing in the median when she was killed. Initial reports said she was hit by a cable barrier that had broken. But investigators later stated the barrier had not broken; rather the girl was struck by the cable as it snapped back into place after several cars had struck it. This is exactly what the cable barriers are designed to do. They not only keep cars from crossing the median into incoming traffic, but they also absorb some of the momentum of the car, which helps stop the car from bouncing back into traffic and causing more damage or injuries.

These cable barriers have also helped prevent more serious Virginia car accidents too. Although they are not made to withstand the force of being hit by a semi in a truck accident, the barriers appear to be both cost-effective and effective in saving lives when a car crash occurs. If you have been injured in a car wreck of any kind, this information from our Virginia car accident attorneys may be useful in determining whether or not you wish to take legal action.