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If you have been involved in a Virginia car accident, the first thing you should do is check on your physical well-being and the physical well-being of the other driver and passengers. If you can, you should move away from traffic flow and into a safe area. The next step should be to call the police, even if the other driver doesn’t think it is necessary.

Although it may seem easier and quicker to just exchange information with the other driver so you can continue on your way, there are several important reasons why you should call law enforcement to report the crash. These reasons include:

The damage from the accident may be worse than how it initially appears: This not only applies to the physical damages done to vehicles or property but also applies to injuries you may have sustained. It is not uncommon for symptoms of car accident injuries to not present for several hours, or even days, after a crash. Having a police report will help prove your car accident claim.

Police can determine any contributing factors: When we are involved in a crash, it is often stressful and overwhelming, even if seems like it is only a minor crash. This can cause us to overlook factors which may have contributed to the crash. These factors can be determined by a police officer who is fully trained on car accident investigations, such as witness statements and collecting evidence.

Verifies that you did not leave the scene of the crash: An at-fault driver can appear to be fully cooperative at the scene, but after both drive off, they suddenly go into denial that they are at any fault and try to blame the other driver for the crash. They may even try to accuse the other driver of fleeing the scene. Calling the police will protect you from these types of false accusations.

He said/she said: A police report provides vital, unbiased information about the accident, including the cause, contributing factors, and damage. Without a police report, it is your word against the other driver on what caused the accident to happen and this can make it more difficult to pursue a car accident claim and obtain the full amount of damages you may be entitled to.

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