What Happened

A Fredericksburg doctor suffered a slip and fall while in a Wal-Mart and is now struggling with a permanent back injury. The doctor decided to seek representation from a Virginia (VA). personal injury law firm and was able to secure an $11.25 million jury verdict.

The doctor reportedly stepped on a recently treated patch of floor and fell hard on the floor.  

The doctor slammed his elbow, but he had no idea that he actually suffered extensive spinal damage. In fact, spinal fractures were not discovered until a year and half later, according to valawyersweekly.com.

It was discovered that the slip and fall injury was caused by a Wal-Mart employee who had just stripped or waxed the floor and had gone to get safety cones to warn customers. In that time, there was no sign or tools to indicate that the floor was slippery and the doctor’s injury was the result.

The Virginia Injury Lawyers’ Perspective

It’s good to see a seriously injured victim secure restitution for the pain and suffering they had to endure due to the company’s negligence.  This case provides a prime example of why it is so important to consult with a Virginia personal injury attorney. It turns out that, before the trial, Wal-Mart’s legal representatives only offered $750,000 to settle the case. That’s not a small amount of money by any means, but given the fact that a jury reasonably determined that $11 million was an adequate amount of damages, it shows the value of taking a case all the way to a jury trial.  

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