With each passing year, North Carolina and South Carolina schools are giving more attention to kids and concussions, especially when it comes to head injuries while playing contact sports like football, hockey, and soccer. In fact, many schools are instating policies to protect their students from further injury and to protect their districts from lawsuits. But does your school have a concussion policy, and if so, what does it say?

The easiest way to find out about your school’s concussion policy is to call the school and ask. Be sure to ask details as well – one school might have a policy about suspending players from games and practices after a concussion, while others might require that any child suffering a head injury at the school be taken to the emergency room for testing. Some might require a doctor’s permission before returning to practice, while others might require a gradual reintroduction into playing sports.

If your Carolina school does not have a concussion policy, consider getting involved!