Dog Owner Charged After Attack in Norfolk

A dog owner with three dogs that put a 10 year-old in the hospital and hurt three other children is being charged by Norfolk, Virginia (VA) police.

The dog owner has been charged with failure to vaccinate, maintaining a nuisance animal and maintaining a dangerous animal. The dogs have been quarantined at the Norfolk Animal Shelter.

Police stated that they were called into the Norfolk neighborhood on March 30 after two adults and two children were bitten by the dogs. One child was taken to a children’s hospital for treatment and has since been released. The other victims in the dog attack were treated at the scene.

Our personal injury legal experience in Virginia has shown us that most dog attack victims are small children and teenagers. Did you know that dog bites cause more ER visits than ANY other child activity? Many children 10 and under are hurt ever year with serious laceration injuries from dog bites. Most of the dog attacks happen in the same neighborhood where the child lives.

Unfortunately, many of the victims do not sue the people in the neighborhood who are probably liable for the attack. However, the public should remember that often these bite injuries are covered on a homeowner insurance policy. If you child has been bitten by a dog, you should strongly consider suing the owner for liability in a personal injury lawsuit. Dog bites can cause mental and physical trauma to a child for years.

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