WVEC.com reports that in Richmond, Virginia (VA), a reactor at Dominion Power’s power station in Surry County was shut down due to a coolant problem.

The shutdown occurred on Wednesday, February 2nd, 2011. In a filing with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Dominion stated that a loss of coolant flow caused an automatic shutdown to the Unit 2 reactor. No radiation was released, and there were no reports of injuries or contamination.

The length of time needed to repair the reactor is unknown. Meanwhile, the Unit 1 reactor is operating at 100% percent capacity.

While we are glad that no serious injuries or deaths occurred from this event, we are always concerned when industries have “near miss” accidents. It would take very little for a power station to have serious meltdown, causing hundreds or even thousands of fatalities and illnesses in a short amount of time.

Because Virginia industrial accidents can have fatal consequences, those involved in such industries must take every precaution possible to protect the public. Let us hope that is the plan for Dominion Power Station. It makes no sense for them to stay open for business if their time could be better spent determining the cause of this event. Even a small loss of coolant flow could easily make a reactor overheat-with deadly consequences.

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