Dr. Paul Drago: Dozens of Botched Plastic Surgeries In North Carolina | Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp

When you go in to surgery, how well do you know your doctor? In some cases, your doctor may be practicing outside of what he was trained to do, and in some cases he might be facing multiple medical malpractice lawsuits and other legal troubles.

Take for instance Dr. Paul Drago, who recently had his license to practice medicine in North Carolina revoked indefinitely after ten different medical malpractice claims were filed against him. Drago, who is trained to be a ear, nose, and throat doctor, had been performing plastic surgeries on patients, many of which have led to permanent surgical errors.

Although the North Carolina state medical board has suspended his license, Drago is still able to practice in South Carolina despite the ten pending medical malpractice cases against him. In addition to the medical malpractice cases brought against him by former patients, Drago has also been grappling with other legal issues, including being accused of stalking and child abuse.

Plastic surgery errors can lead to serious injuries and emotional damage, including scarring, infections, deformities, nerve damage, and even permanent disabilities or death.

“I just wanted to be attractive for my husband and now I don’t feel good about myself at all,” said Diane Campbell, one of Drago’s patients who suffered from a surgical error. “I feel like I walked through the gates of hell when I went in there and had that procedure done.”