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VA Truck Accident Injury Attorneys: Drive-Cam’s Installed in Commercial Trucks, Prevent Injuries and Accidents

VA truck accident injury attorneysIt’s a familiar sight on nearly any interstate in Hampton Roads, whether it’s I-64 or I-264.  Traffic is stopped as police close a lane of traffic due to a car accident.  But what happens if the vehicle behind you is a truck and it doesn’t stop when you do?  It was a catastrophic truck accident with the very same scenario that took the life of a woman in Chicago.  The driver of the truck it seems was drowsy and slammed right into the back of her stopped car.  The truck driver says he was blinded by police lights.  Now there is a new technology that can help document events leading up to a crash in commercial trucks and find the true reason for the accident.


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A May 2014 Virginia Tech Transportation Institute evaluation of drive-cam found that on average 39,066 injuries could potentially be prevented and 801 lives saved every year if cameras were installed in busses and trucks.  The evaluation cites federal studies that have found carriers who show drivers videotapes of their risky driving habits as part of a training intervention, have reduced the number of severe safety incidents by up to 59 percent.


This new technology helps hold truck drivers accountable for their actions as well as proving them innocent in cases of car accidents that are out of their control.  Whether it is a distracted, drunk or drowsy driver the lack of judgment on the part of the at-fault driver can change a family’s life forever.  As Virginia (VA) personal injury lawyers it’s our life’s work to help people who were injured by these types of negligent drivers. 



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