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VA State Police Say Drive to Save Lives Campaign a Success

The Virginia State Police are calling their recent “Drive to Save Lives” campaign a success. The three-day event, which took place on Interstate 81 in Southwest Virginia, resulted in a total of 167 summons and speeding citations. Police say the campaign had a direct effect on the speed at which most motorists were driving, as many drivers made sure to stay at the posted speed limit.

The Drive to Save Lives campaign is a nationwide effort, with highway patrol, police chiefs, state police, and sheriffs all working together to reduce the number of highway auto crashes and accident fatalities.

According to national statistics, over 33,000 people die each year in car accidents, and highway crashes are one of the top dozen causes of death in this country. Highway crashes are the number one cause of death for teenagers.

More than thirty percent of those killed in car crashes were involved in a speed-related accident. That means 10,000 people died because a driver decided to not obey the posted speed limit.

Speeding is also the number one cause of tractor trailer accidents. Too often, these drivers are in a hurry to make a deadline to deliver the freight they are hauling, leaving the rest of us in danger of being injured or killed when they are unable to slow down or stop because of the speed they are traveling.

In order to help reduce the number of highway accident fatalities, law enforcement is making a concerted effort to remind commuters to wear their seat belts and stay at the speed limit. They also are targeting both distracted drivers and those who are driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs.

If you have suffered a serious personal injury, of have had a family member killed in a car accident caused by a speeding driver, contact a dedicated Virginia personal injury and wrongful death attorney to find out what legal recourse you may have.  Our personal injury firm also offers a free wrongful death guide for families who have lost a loved one in an accident. The guide covers topics such as the statute of limitations for filing a wrongful death claim, what types of damages can be pursued, and who can be appointed as personal representative.

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