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Driver Charged in Car Crash That Took Two Lives in Cary, NC

A February 12, 2012, two-car crash in Cary, North Carolina (NC), left two people dead. The collision occurred when a car making a left-hand turn onto Southwest Cary Parkway from West Chatham Street was struck by another car that was traveling on Southwest Cary Parkway. According to WTVD-TV, the driver of the car that struck them has been charged with reckless speeding. Police have stated that, based on their investigation, the crash would not have happened had the driver who struck the victims’ car had been going the speed limit.

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My thoughts go out to the family of the victims of this car crash. My North Carolina wrongful death attorney colleagues and I have faced this issue with many clients. We handle these cases with utmost compassion for our clients who are dealing with the unexpected and unnecessary loss of a loved one in such a tragic way.

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