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Driver Charged in North Carolina Big Rig Crash

A three-vehicle accident involving two cars and a tractor trailer in Greenville, North Carolina (NC) took a new twist today, as one of the car drivers was charged with driving while impaired.  

According to Greenville NC police, the accident occurred in that town on Memorial Drive, when a red Pontiac tried to turn left into a business. That vehicle slammed into another car, which then hit a tractor trailer.

The first driver then smashed into a utility pole, which knocked out power for that part of the community.

Police stated that the impaired driver and his passenger had to be cut out of the care and taken to the hospital. The driver’s injuries were minor, and the passenger’s were more serious, but neither were life threatening. A passenger in the other car also was taken to the hospital.

The Pontiac driver was charged with driving while impaired, and with unsafe movement.

We are relieved to see that no one was apparently seriously injured in this accident. Our personal injury firm is strongly committed to pursuing civil lawsuits against convicted drunk or impaired drivers. Our legal firm only represents the innocent victims of impaired drivers – never the impaired drivers themselves.

Our goal in every DUI or impaired case is to track down every possible source of insurance recovery, so that innocent victims can receive as much compensation as possible for their injuries. Most often, our personal injury law firm helps clients recover damages for medical bills, lost wages, injuries, pain and suffering, and even punitive damages in some cases. Punitive damages can be added onto other damages, if the convicted driver was grossly negligent or committed extremely bad actions.

If you or a loved one is a victim of a drunk driver, you should never be satisfied with just a criminal conviction against the guilty party. You also can and should pursue civil damages in a personal injury lawsuit. Punishing drunk or impaired drivers as much as possible for their criminal actions serves as a stark warning to other drivers: Drive impaired and there will be severe consequences.


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