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Driver Checking on Crashed Car Hit and Killed in Charlotte

A series of accidents involving four vehicles on I-77 southwest of Charlotte, North Carolina (NC), resulted in the death of one person and likely charges for driving while under the influence of alcohol and causing a hit-and-run crash against another driver. The deadly incident unfolded near the Tyvola Road exit from the interstate at around 3 am on November 2, 2015.



According to news reports, the first vehicle broke down in a center lane, and the drivers of the other vehicles swerved in different directions to avoid rear-ending the disabled vehicle. The third car in line crashed into a concrete wall, and its driver got out to check the damage. He was then struck by the fourth vehicle, whose driver continued traveling toward the exit before being apprehended by police who had responded almost immediately.

Law enforcement officials told reporters that the hit-and-run motorist appeared drunk and will probably be charged with multiple offenses. None of the people in the other vehicles suffered injuries, and no information was provided on whether they committed any traffic violations.

The fatal multivehicle wreck illustrates the importance of remaining alert and able to respond quickly and safely to sudden changes in road conditions. No one would expect to see a car or truck stop suddenly in front of them on the interstate, but everyone must be able to steer around the unanticipated hazard without endangering lives. Being impaired by alcohol or drugs would likely leave a person unable to take appropriate actions, and that tragic scenario may have played out near Charlotte.

My Carolina wrongful death law firm colleagues and I send our condolences out to the friends and family members of the man who lost his life in this accident. We only hope anyone learning of the fatality and its supposed cause will take to heart the lesson to never drive while under the influence.


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