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Driver Flees Fatal Pedestrian Crash Near Carthage, NC

A man standing at the end of a driveway in Randolph County, North Carolina (NC), was struck and killed by a driver who then fled the scene. The fatal pedestrian hit-and-run collision occurred on Putnam Church Road near the town of Carthage just before midnight on March 18, 2016.



The victim died from his injuries before being discovered by people in the home he had been visiting. Police have asked anyone who witnessed the crash to share information by calling 911.

Tracking down the at-fault hit-and-run driver is important for holding the person accountable criminally and civilly. Any person involved in a collision of any type has a legal duty to stay on the scene to assist injured victims and answer questions from investigators. Sharing insurance information is also required after a wreck, even if an investigation reveals that you were not to blame.

The individual who hit the pedestrian on Putnam Church Road off NC 22 broke the law by continuing to drive on and failing to alert emergency services. The person may also have denied the pedestrian potentially lifesaving first aid in addition to possibly inflicting the deadly injuries by driving negligently or recklessly.

If the at-fault driver is never identified, the victim's family may have coverage for funeral expenses and other crash-related costs like loss of financial support through uninsured motorists (UIM) provisions of their own car insurance policies. UIM coverage is not guaranteed, however, since insurance companies treat such claims in much the same way that they treat third-party claims. Details over the accidents cause and its effects will need to be answered to the satisfaction of the insurer.

If the family of the deceased pedestrian finds it necessary to go through the UIM claims process, a caring and knowledgeable Carolina wrongful death attorney can help. A legal advisor and advocate will ensure that all the required reports are filed while also fighting to protect the rights of the grieving loved ones.


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