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Driver in Virginia Beach Hit and Killed Pedestrian While Fleeing Police

Raymond Rogers, Jr. was crossing the street at the intersection of Northampton Boulevard and Baker Road in Virginia Beach when his life came to an abrupt and tragic endA man suspected to be involved in a robbery was fleeing police when he hit and killed Rogers. Police stopped to try to care for the sturck man, but the impact was too powerful for Rogers to survive.

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One bright spot is that the fleeing driver appears to have been apprehended and charged with felony eluding, felony hit and run and homicide. 
Virginia Beach Police have not confirmed that the person apprehended is the same suspect from the earlier robbery. However, police have confirmed that the same car was used in both crimes, according to WAVY.com.

Our deepest condolences go out to the Rogers family. It’s infuriating when an innocent life is taken by a reckless, irresponsible driver attempting to evade police after breaking the law.

The Rogers family should consider speaking to a wrongful death attorney in Virginia to discuss their legal options. The at-fault driver is already facing criminal charges, but that does not bar a victim’s family from pursuing civil damages through a wrongful death claim.

To learn more about Virginia wrongful death law, take a look at this free guide written by an experienced wrongful death attorney in Virginia.


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