Driver Killed in Fatal DUI Wreck Near Raleigh

What Happened:

A two-car wreck south of Raleigh, North Carolina took the life of one man, and sent the other to the hospital with minor injuries. The man who died was driving a Mazda, which was hit by a Saturn driven by a drunk driver. That driver has been charged with DUI by the North Carolina State Police.

Media reports stated that the accident occurred at the intersection of Lake Wheeler and Hilltop Needmore roads.

More charges could be brought in the case, pending the DA’s investigation.

North Carolina Personal Injury Attorney Perspective:

Getting behind the wheel after drinking is stupid and dangerous, and this case is yet another tragic example of that. We all would be well served to remember to never drink and drive. It can lead to death, serious injury, and/or years in state prison on a DUI manslaughter conviction. 

Only DUI charges have been filed against the driver at this time, but the family of the victim, when the time is right, should talk to a personal injury attorney about legal options. A wrongful death lawsuit could be filed and could provide financial restitution and some sense of justice for this terrible crime. We extend our deepest condolences to the victim’s family.

For More Information:

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