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Driver Runs Over Foot of Suffolk Police Officer

A Suffolk police officer was injured after pulling a driver over for a routine traffic stop. The driver of a black Lexus was pulled over because of the dark tint of her windows. According to the Virginian Pilot, the officer issued her a ticket, and the woman attempted to drive away. She was quickly flagged down again by the police officer after she had driven over his right foot. The driver was then arrested and charged with reckless driving and felony assault of a police officer.

It's difficult to know what exactly occurred in this incident. In high tension situations in which someone is being written a traffic citation, tempers can flare, and accidents can sometimes happen. It is impossible to know the driver's intentions, but one thing is clear... being a police officer is a dangerous job. We all know that police officers do a dangerous but necessary job to protect their fellow citizens.

Surprisingly, though, most officers aren't injured chasing after criminals. Over half of all line-of-duty deaths are related to traffic incidences. Drivers are frequently distracted and can misjudge where they maneuver on the side of the road. Passing drivers, too, are often interested in what is going on during the traffic stop, and may misdirect their vehicles. Other problems can arise if the driver who has been pulled over fears arrest. Routine traffic stops can quickly turn scary for both driver and police officer.

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