Driver Who Failed to Slow Injures 3 at Chesapeake Stoplight

Two people went to the hospital and a third received medical treatment at the scene after a pickup truck ran into a line of three cars at a stoplight in Chesapeake, Virginia (VA). The four-vehicle rear-end collision occurred at the intersection of S. Military Highway and Canal Drive at 10:55 am on August 23, 2016.



Police did not tell reporters why they believe the crash happened. My Virginia personal injury law firm colleagues know that frequent explanations for rear-enders at red lights include speeding and becoming distracted behind the wheel. One report on this chain-reaction accident in Chesapeake noted that investigators would also look into the possibility that the at-fault driver was under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Having helped many victims of rear-end collisions hold at-drivers accountable for paying medical bills, we also know that head, brain and neck injuries frequently result when a driver's or passenger's car is struck from behind. Such injuries have poor prognoses for full recovery, meaning victims can face a lifetime of pain, memory and cognition problems, and limited mobility.

When a single person is responsible for harming many other people in a car crash, issues of insufficient insurance coverage can arise. In order to ensure they receive compensation and damage payments sufficient to cover the expense of their injuries, the victims of this wreck in Chesapeake may need to file claims against the at-fault driver and under the uninsured motorist provisions of their own insurance policies. Consulting with a knowledgeable plaintiff's attorney could help them understand how to do this most effectively.


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