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Driver Who Failed to Yield to Turning Minivan Injures 2

A woman with a suspended driver's license is being blamed for causing a crash in Danville, Virginia (VA), that sent two other people to the hospital with injuries. The wreck happened on Riverside Drive just after 6 am on January 28, 2016.



Police told reporters that the woman failed to yield the right of way to a minivan that was turning left at an intersection. Stop lights control the intersection, indicating that the at-fault driver may have tried to beat a yellow light or left a red light too early. Either act of impatience would endanger people in a car or truck turning through the intersection.

Many left turn crashes also result from drivers speeding through intersections. While people trying to turn across oncoming traffic must make sure they have adequate time and space, drivers going straight also have a duty to yield when indicated. Meeting that duty requires obeying stoplights, yield signs, speed limits and the rules to yield to the vehicle on your right at an uncontrolled intersection.

Both the driver and a passenger in the minivan hit by the car in Danville will survive, but recovering from their injuries may take time. Avoiding such problems can be as easy as slowing to a stop at a yellow light or keeping a good look out ahead for turning vehicles. Neglecting safe driving duties can ruin lives.


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