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Drivers Injured After Apparent Brake Failure

What Happened: A young driver and her passenger were driving on Interstate 81 near Weyers Cave when her vehicle’s acceleration became locked and the brakes failed to work, according to The driver called 911 and was soon surrounded by state police vehicles in an effort to slow the car down. The driver and passenger eventually swerved onto the median of the highway and jumped out of the car at roughly 40 miles per hour, after which the runaway vehicle was stopped by the state police. The two victims were taken to the hospital for their injuries.

Here is the location of the incident:

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The Virginia Injury Lawyer’s Perspective: When a vehicle malfunctions, it can be terrifying and potentially deadly for the driver and passengers. Our VA personal injury attorneys have handled many cases of product failure and have seen what they can do to their victims. We extend our deepest sympathies to those who have had to experience this frightening event, and to those who have been injured during such circumstances.  

In the incident above, the vehicle’s brakes appear to have failed completely, an incredibly dangerous situation that can result in severe injuries and fatalities. Further investigation will reveal just what went wrong with the vehicle in this incident. However, it’s clear that the driver may have grounds to file a personal injury claim against the manufacturer of the car, depending on the cause of the car’s malfunction.

Potentially Helpful Info: Because an instance of brake failure is so terrifying, and has the potential to be so injurious, anyone who has been the victim of such an incident should consider speaking to a personal injury attorney to learn about their options for legal redress via a product liability claim.

Our Virginia personal injury attorneys have published an article outlining several types of automobile malfunctions that can lead to liability claims; click here to read it. Because the type and circumstances of a product malfunctions are so varied, it’s helpful to be familiar with the number of ways in which car accidents can be caused by car failure.

Our personal injury attorneys also wrote an article that explains the requirements for a successful liability claim; follow this link to look it over.  

Have Questions? Check Out Our Firm’s FAQs:

Our VA personal injury lawyers have answered many questions related to defective products and liability claims on our personal injury website; you can find them here. You can also browse the list of general legal FAQs to learn more about personal injury law.



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