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Driving Left of Center Set Stage for Fatal Raleigh Head-On

A man in a car lost his life when a pickup truck crossed into his lane on Edwards Mill Road in Raleigh, North Carolina (NC), and hit him head-on. The fatal collision occurred near the intersection with Glen Eden Drive at shortly before 8 am on November 13, 2015.



The man behind the wheel of the pickup survived with injuries, and police have charged him with causing a death while operating a motor vehicle and with driving left of center. That latter citation could indicate that the at-fault driver did not suddenly swerve into oncoming traffic but had been at least part of the way on the wrong side of the road for some time. Either situation would create the potential for a deadly car accident.

Investigators informed reporters that they had performed drug and alcohol tests on the pickup truck driver. Being stoned or drunk would increase the likelihood that he would be unable to stay in his own lane. Impairment would also leave him less able to properly correct his steering to get back on the right side of the road and to avoid a crash.

Police will also need to look into whether the at-driver drifted over the center line while he was distracted or if he had been falling asleep behind the wheel. The reality is that there are many ways this car accident could have happened, and each was probably preventable.


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