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Drugged Driver Hits Family Walking in Carolina Beach, NC

A mother, father, preschooler and 4-month-old in a stroller had their lives needlessly threatened by a reckless driver while out for a walk along the oceanfront in Carolina Beach, North Carolina (NC). All four members of the family struck from behind while using a pedestrian and bike path beside South Lake Park Boulevard are expected to recover from their injuries. The at-fault driver is facing several criminal charges.



According to, police discovered marijuana, Suboxone (buprehorphine) and drug paraphernalia in the car that ran into the family. In addition to multiple counts of assault with a deadly weapon (i.e., the car), the driver is accused of driving while impaired, failing to maintain a proper lane and violating several controlled substances laws. The most serious injury was inflicted on the mother, who had one of her legs badly broken. The father and two young children sustained lacerations and scrapes, with the older of the two kids needing stitches to close a head wound.

The resort-area pedestrian crash occurred one week before Labor Day 2015. As tourists and residents head to the water to get one last taste of summer vacation, everyone needs to focus on driving and walking safely at the beach. Individuals behind the wheels of cars, trucks and SUVs must stay sober, resist the urge to speed and remain vigilant for pedestrians. At the same time, those on foot must use sidewalks and crosswalks, cross with the light and understand that having right of way does not remove the responsibility to look both ways before stepping off a curb.

When either drivers or pedestrians act negligently or recklessly, tragedy can result. And as this crash south of Wilmington shows, even when walkers take every precaution, they depend on the conscientiousness and attention of drivers to remain safe and unharmed.


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