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Drugged Driver Seriously Injures Mt. Hope, WV Pedestrian

A pedestrian crash in the town of Mt. Hope, West Virginia (WV), has led to a charge of driving under the influence of a controlled substance for the at-fault driver. The wreck occurred on the afternoon of May 30, 2015, when a car backed out of a driveway. News reports indicate that the car may have actually rolled over the female victim before coming to a stop. The nature of her injuries and her prospects for survival or recovery were not released by the hospital to which she was transported.



Drugged driving can be as dangerous as drunk driving, and both powerful prescription medications and illegal drugs like heroin and meth put anyone behind the wheel of a car and everyone else on the road at risk for suffering injuries and getting killed. As this particular wreck also illustrates, a person impaired by drugs or alcohol does not have to drive far in order to wreak havoc. Few trips could ever be shorter in distance and duration than backing out of a driveway, but both proved sufficient to hospitalize one person and send another to court.

The other, less dramatic but equally important, lesson this pedestrian crash teaches is how important it is for every driver to exercise care and caution when moving in reverse. Every mirror must be checked and rechecked, and all blind spots need to be scanned multiple times to ensure that no person or obstacle is behind one's vehicle. Pedestrians, especially children, are easy to miss at the best of times. Add the impairment of drugs or alcohol, and the odds of hitting someone while backing up rise considerably.


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