What Happened

In Newburg, Kentucky (KY) a driver crashed his car into a tree and incurred multiple charges including DUI in the process. According to police the driver lost control of his vehicle and wrecked into a tree on Newburg Road.

Tragically, one passenger was seriously injured and taken to a local hospital. A second passenger in the backseat of the vehicle died from multiple blunt force injuries.

The Virginia Personal Injury Lawyers’ Perspective

The risks of drinking and driving are well known, yet every day we hear another story of a selfish, irresponsible driver taking the lives of innocent victims. Whenever clients hire us to represent them for a wrongful death caused by drunk driving we identify all sources of insurance to help our client receive maximum compensation, and we are willing to seek punitive damages against the at-fault driver if there is evidence of gross negligence.

The injured passengers as well as the family of the deceased passenger may be able to recover against the driver’s insurance company. With our exceptional experience as Virginia (VA) personal injury lawyers we have been able to settle claims for injured passengers.

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