Eight members of a North Carolina (NC) family wound up in the hospital after being hit by a man now facing drunk driving and hit-and-run charges. The four adults and four young children were in an SUV on Highway 220 in Guilford County when the collision occurred on December 18, 2011. The family’s SUV rolled over multiple times, and one woman was ejected from the vehicle despite wearing a seat belt.

The drunk driver chose not to stop at the scene of the accident. Instead, he was found about half a mile down the highway. The at-fault driver was also injured and sent to the hospital.

The damage done by the careless, selfish driver is being felt by a family who did everything right. Wearing their seat belts, traveling down a local highway on a Sunday afternoon. Who could have ¬†guessed their trip would turn tragic? This family should not have to suffer because of another man’s carelessness.

As car accident attorneys, we see more than our share of horrific crashes. It never fails to astound us, however, to see such drivers careless and negligent enough to get behind the wheel after drinking too much.

Our thoughts are with the family at this difficult time. They deserve justice for the heartache and pain this man has put them through.