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Drunk Driver Who Fled Crash Scene Charged for Killing Raleigh Biker

A rear-end, hit-and-run collision on I-440 around Raleigh, North Carolina (NC), left a motorcycle rider dead and a car's driver facing multiple criminal charges. The fatal accident occurred shortly after midnight on January 19, 2015, near the interchange with Greenwood Avenue/Highway 70. According to television station WRAL, the woman arrested for causing the deadly wreck has been charged by police with "hit and run causing death, failure to reduce speed to avoid a collision, driving without a license, driving without insurance and driving a vehicle with expired registration."



The motorcyclist died at the scene of the crash, while the driver of the car was tracked down 10 miles away. Tests showed the woman's blood alcohol content to be .13, well above the .08 BAC limit for operating a motor vehicle legally.

So many things should have kept the woman out from behind the wheel of a car. Alcohol impairment represents a no-brainer, but her lack of a license and insurance should also have convinced her not to drive. She may have lacked the skills to control the vehicle safely, and she certainly lacks the ability to provide adequate compensation to the family of the man whose life she allegedly took. Collecting damages from uninsured motorists can prove impossible, but provisions of the deceased man's own auto policy may provide some coverage.

My Carolina personal injury and wrongful death law firm colleagues and I know from helping too many victims of motorcycle accidents that even sober, experienced and otherwise responsible drivers can find it difficult to see motorcycle riders and share the road respectfully. Add in complications such as DWI, speeding and lack of time behind the wheel, and a serious crash in which a motorcyclist gets injured or killed seems almost inevitable. 


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