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Drunk Driving Blamed for Killing of Bicyclist

A bike rider has died from the injuries he suffered after being rear-ended by an alleged drunk driver in Aiken County, South Carolina (SC). The April 16, 2016, fatal rear-end collision happened at around 8:30 pm on Edgefield Highway in the city of North Augusta.



The bike rider died at the scene of the crash, and police immediately charged the woman behind the wheel of the car involved with driving under the influence. Other charges may be made after the investigation into the deadly wreck concludes.

Criminal consequences for the at-fault driver will depend, in part, on why she struck the man on the bicycle from behind. She may have been speeding or weaving, which could lead to accusations of reckless driving. She may also have been falling asleep at the wheel or distracted, the dangers of which increase when a driver consumes too much alcohol.

My Carolina personal injury and wrongful death attorneys know from helping many victims of DUI crashes that drunk drivers pose an increased risk for rear-end collisions. Alcohol slows reaction time while also impairing the decision-making process. Intoxicated drivers both fail to recognize the need to slow down or stop in time and prove incapable of stepping on their brakes quickly enough once they do recognize the need to do so.

We also know that bicyclists and pedestrians have little protection from deadly and disabling injuries other than the attention and cautiousness of drivers. Drinking too much before getting into the driver's seat makes exercising such care difficult, if not impossible.


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