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Drunk Driving Devastates Victims, Causes Brain Damage

Two sisters - Rocio Landeros and Marta Perez - were hit by a drunk driver  and suffered serious, life-altering traumatic brain injuries. Ms. Landeros' brain injury was deemed much more severe causing dramatic personality changes and "foot drop paralysis" where Ms. Landeros' left foot to drags when she walks.

This terrible incident highlights the serious ramifications of a car accident. Ms. Landeros was only 16 and Ms. Perez is only 25. Both of their lives have been changed forever due to this car wreck.

Fortunately, the sisters sought legal representation and wound up taking their case to trial. This accident also highlights the tactics insurance companies take when faced with paying a potentially large claim. The lawyers representing the sisters originally asked for the maximum policy limits from the at-fault driver's insurance in order to cover future medical bills, potential lost wages, pain and suffering, etc. The insurance company balked and only offered half that amount.

Two years went by and discussions between the attorneys and the insurance company did not lead to anything productive. Think about that - for two years, these young women were struggling with traumatic brain injuries without proper compensation. 

Their case eventually went to trial and the attorneys were able to secure a $31.6 million jury verdict for the sisters, according to 

Our firm faced a similar situation when we represented a worker who suffered a brain injury  after a Norfolk Southern train derailed and slammed into a gas station in Gainesville, Virginia (VA). We filed a lawsuit against Norfolk Southern and it took over three years to finally receive a then-historic brain injury jury verdict of $46 million, with interest $60 million verdict, for our brain damaged client.

Having a case go all the way to trial can take a very long time, as evident above, but there are times when it's necessary in order to achieve justice. A victim who suffers a traumatic brain injury  could require a lifetime's worth of medical care so pursuing the compensation needed for these victims to regain some semblance of their former life is essential to what we do as lawyers.

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