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Drunk Driving Suspected in Fatal Sampson County, NC Rollover

A fatal single-vehicle crash in Sampson County, North Carolina (NC), calls attention to one of the most brutal facts about driving under the influence of alcohol. The wreck occurred on U.S. 77 outside of the town of Garland on September 27, 2015.



According to State Highway Patrol sources, the driver of a pickup appears to have been drunk when he ran onto the shoulder of the highway. The vehicle then rolled over and slammed into a tree. He and three passengers lost their lives. Two other people riding in the truck survived but suffered serious injuries. It is unclear whether anything besides DUI/DWI contributed to causing the accident.

The sad truth about getting drunk and climbing behind the wheel is that the individuals you injure or kill are often those closest to you. Passengers, including family members, make up the second largest group of victims who die in crashes caused by drunk drivers. The intoxicated motorists constitute the largest cohort of individuals who lose their lives in alcohol-related wrecks, but paying that price cannot balance out the deadly toll drunk drivers take on loved ones and friends.

Consuming too much alcohol impairs judgment. Despite this, all people should care enough about the health and lives of their children, spouses and acquaintances to set down their keys when they pick up a bottle. When they instead decide to risk their own safety by driving drunk, they too often put their loved ones in mortal danger.


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