Drunk Wrong Way Driver Kills Man in Newport News, VA

A head-on collision just before dawn on August 28, 2016, claimed the life of an innocent driver in Newport News, Virginia (VA). The fatal wrong-way crash occurred near the intersection of Kingsway Drive and Jefferson Avenue. The deceased victim initially survived but succumbed to his injuries in the hospital later in the day.



Police arrested the driver who caused the deadly accident at the scene and charged him with driving while intoxicated. News reports indicated that the drunk driver had traveled some distance on the wrong side of Jefferson Avenue. The highway where the head-on collision took place is divided by a raised concrete and grass median. The impaired driver must have entered Jefferson Avenue heading in the wrong direction.

Drunk drivers cause many wrong-way crashes. The mental confusion and clouded vision induced by too much alcohol leave people unable to read and interpret road signs and to act appropriately even if they recognize that they are heading into oncoming traffic. The best way to prevent tragedies like this one in Newport News is to set down one's car keys when picking up a bottle. My Virginia wrongful death attorney colleagues and I urge everyone to make that responsible, lifesaving choice. 


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