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DUI Driver Injures SC State Trooper in Head-On Collision

Drunk and drugged drivers are a danger to themselves and everyone else on the road, including police officers.

The latest illustration of how no one is safe when an inebriated person climbs behind the wheel comes from Anderson, South Carolina (SC). There, shortly after midnight on November 29, 2011, a man driving under the influence of alcohol swerved out of his own lane on Greenville Road and hit a South Carolina Highway Patrol cruiser head-on. The state trooper suffered only a wrist injury, according to, but the damage could have been far worse. Too often, DUI drivers permanently disable or take the lives of the people in the cars they run into.

A drunk driver hit and injured a state trooper in Anderson, SC

Collisions between drunk drivers and law enforcement personnel are, unfortunately, all too common. And, of course, so are accidents involving drunks and pedestrians, drunks and bicycle riders, drunks and other drivers .... 

My Carolina personal injury attorney colleagues and I do all we can to assist victims of DUI crashes, but we come to those cases long after the damage to people's health and live have been turned upside down and inside out. The real solution to the problem is for people to stay out their vehicles if they have had too much to drink or taken drugs.

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