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Durham Accident Leads to Serious Injuries

A car crash at 1204 Junction Road in Durham, North Carolina (NC) resulted in multiple serious injuries and a loss of life. The victims include multiple children and young adults ranging from infancy to 21 years of age. A driver was heading northbound on Junction Road when he crossed over the center lane and slammed into another car, according to The Herald-Sun.

Two children – although it is unclear which ones – were rushed directly to surgery at Duke Hospital immediately following the accident. No further updates have been reported on the condition of those rushed to the hospital as of the date of this posting.

The at-fault driver was killed in the accident, but that does not preclude the injured victims from seeking damages against the driver’s insurance policy, if the driver had insurance coverage.

Unfortunately, many drivers take the risk and operate their vehicle without insurance. This can cause problems when they’re involved in a wreck and injure and innocent person. If it turns out the driver did not have adequate insurance, the injured victims could consider filing a claim against their own policy to seek compensation through something called “uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage.”

To learn more about this type of coverage, read this consumer report which was written by an experienced injury lawyer in North Carolina.  


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