What Happened

A motor bike rider named Richard Patton suffered serious injuries when his motor bike hit a Toyota on U.S. 70 in Durham, North Carolina (NC). Mr. Patton, a 49-year-old Raleigh, NC native, reportedly suffered “critical injuries”, according to the Herald Sun.

Mr. Patton was traveling east on U.S. 70 when the driver of a Toyota suddenly pulled out into an intersection. Mr. Patton’s motorcycle hit the driver-side door of the Toyota causing Mr. Patton to be thrown off.

The Toyota driver was cited by North Carolina police for failing to yield at the intersection.

Here is a map of U.S. 70 in Durham, NC

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The North Carolina Injury Lawyers’ Perspective

This accident illustrates two things: (1) the importance of exercising caution at an intersection and (2) the fact that motorcycle operators bear the brunt of the damage and trauma when a motor bike is involved in a wreck. The driver of the Toyota was uninjured and was able to drive away after the crash.

Since the Toyota driver was cited for failing to yield at the intersection, it indicates that the driver was negligent in operating the vehicle. This means Mr. Patton and his family may have grounds to pursue restitution through a personal injury claim. They should consult with a North Carolina personal injury lawyer to determine their legal options.

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