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Durham, NC Moped Rider Killed in Collision With Turning Car

A crash near the intersection of North Roxboro Street and Seven Oaks Road in Durham, North Carolina (NC), left a moped rider dead and the driver of a car injured. The fatal accident occurred shortly before 7 am on January 2, 2014, when the car turned left into a shopping center and the motor scooter ran into the passenger side door of the larger vehicle.



Police responding to the deadly crash did not immediately cite the surviving driver for committing any traffic violations such as failing to yield right of way to the moped rider. News outlets such as television station WRAL did report, however, that while speed and alcohol use were ruled out as causes, an investigation continued after the accident scene was cleared. Investigators must consider other factors such as driver distraction and getting blinded by the light of the rising sun.

My Carolina personal injury and wrongful death law firm has helped many motorcycle and motor scooter operators who got hit and hurt by car and truck drivers. One explanation offered as a defense in almost every case has been that the driver did not see the two-wheeler. The truth almost always comes out that the at-fault driver did not look for bikes or mopeds, or misjudged the time and distance they had to turn, merge or change lanes. Such mistakes behind the wheel take huge tolls on the health and lives of riders.

I send my deepest condolences out the moped rider who lost his life in Durham, along with heartfelt pleas to every driver to keep a look out for bikers and to share the road safely and respectfully.


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